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Student and Teacher Testimonials From Mindfulness & Meditation In-School Programs

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Student Testimonials

“Now when I play video games, if I get upset I take deep breaths and it calms me down.” -1st Grader

Testimonials from Group Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for Adults

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Students' Testimonials and Biggest Takeaways:

"I loved Marissa's Mindfulness and Meditation classes! There is something for everyone. We learned so many different styles of mindfulness, we go over the scientific studies that backup these exercises, and try lots of different guided meditations. Marissa's voice is perfect for guided meditations as well. It's so soothing and relaxing. Marissa is very thoughtful in the lesson plans she puts together and the way she responds to our shares, you can tell she's really listening and cares. I went to her beginning and intermediate class and the retreat and I can't wait for when she starts offering the advanced class! If you are struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or having trouble staying in the present moment, this class is for you. Forget whatever impressions you might have about mindfulness and meditation, this can change your life for the better. You'll learn very practical tools you can incorporate into your every day life. Come to Marissa's Mindfulness and Meditation classes, you won't regret it!"

Testimonials from 1-1 Coaching

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Life Coaching Testimonials

“Marissa is an incredibly intuitive, pragmatic, and insightful coach. Prior to getting  coaching, I had a lot of self-doubt holding me back from launching a niche program in my business. Marissa alway asked the right questions to help me get clarity and gain a different perspective of the situation quickly. With her help, I was able to envision the opportunities and get clarity on action steps. Her positive energy and supportive aura is so refreshing as she sees the best in you and helps you recognize and appreciate your strengths and passions. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a very significant time of personal growth. Since being coached by Marissa, I have been able to achieve my business and personal  goals with more confidence and mindfulness. I highly recommend Marissa's coaching services to anyone who is looking to transform their life.”

— Bernice M.

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