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Hi, my name is Marissa. I'm a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and Life Coach.

I started Younique Coaching when I realized that coaching techniques, positive psychology, mindfulness and meditation could all be combined to help change people's lives. I believe every individual is "younique", and my approach in everything I do is to provide an array of tools, approaches, and practices so that you can see what resonates with you most - as well as what works best - and go from there. Wellness isn't a one size fits all; I love providing the knowledge and tools to students and clients to be able to try out multiple different approaches and see what fits for them! I currently run Mindfulness and Meditation programs for multiple schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and have an additional employee that supports running these classes. I am also a Mental Health Coach with Lyra Health. I have lead virtual group classes, in-person retreats, and teacher workshops. Every class, course, and curriculum I've created has been with the intention to better people's lives and to provide access to the very tools that have not only changed my own life, but the lives of countless others as well. I'm so happy you're here!

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