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Mindfulness and Meditation -
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School Programs

Are you looking for a Mindfulness and Meditation Program to be implemented at your child's school? Are you a high school or college student that struggles with the stresses of tests, assignments, and balancing these things with extracurriculars? Maybe you're a principal looking to offer a Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop for your teachers who may be suffering from burnout or are looking to bring a program like this into your curriculum?  If any of these descriptions fit you, please feel free to fill out the Let's Connect" form below to get more information. Our business currently runs Mindfulness and Meditation programs for multiple school in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Meditation Class

Companies and Corporate Events

Are you and your employees feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and ready to find tools to help ease stressful work situations or environments? Perhaps your place of work already promotes wellness such as yoga and you are looking to take an even more holistic approach to the well being of others. Let's connect to set up a one time workshop or weekly Mindfulness and Meditation sessions for your employees. 

Meditation Class

Group Workshops, Retreats, and Classes

Are you looking for group Mindfulness and Meditation classes? Marissa has run both virtual and in-person group Mindfulness and Meditation workshops and classes to multiple San Francisco Bay Area counties for all age ranges. If you're looking for a group class, retreat, or workshop, feel free to contact us.  

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