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Life Coaching

What is life coaching and who can benefit from it?

When a client and life coach partner up, they begin a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize and  prioritize their personal and professional potential.


Coaching can be for everyone and anyone! For anyone who is ready to transform  their life from being just “okay” or “good” to “amazing”. Whether you are surviving, settling, or thriving - coaching can help take your life to the next level. 

These may also be some identifying factors for someone who could especially benefit from coaching: 

  • Those who feel a sense of dissatisfaction in finances, health, relationships, or career.

  • Individuals feeling disconnected from their most authentic self, or like they are living life without passion.

  • Those who feel like they've gotten into unhealthy thought patterns or seem unable to break bad habits; constantly battling with the same internal or external blocks.

  • Anyone who seems to lack vision needed for something they want to achieve, perhaps don't know where to start, or have trouble following through with the goals they set up for themselves.

Coaching can help you with all of these things and ultimately looks to upgrade your life.


 So where do we start? 


We’ll begin by getting a snapshot of where you are with an ELI Assessment and 90 minute debrief session. 




Have you heard of the Big Five, Myers-Briggs, or other personality tests? These are extremely valuable because they give you insight on who you are. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is a bit different - it tells you how you are.

This assessment reveals your perceptions and attitudes in life and the world around you. Your perception creates your reality. By shifting your perception, you can create the reality you want to see as well as the action steps to take. By starting out with the ELI Debrief, you gain invaluable information about yourself and the blocks that have been holding you back from your potential. Let’s identify these together, understand them, and get started on a roadmap to transforming your life.  


From there we’ll meet weekly to begin to work through any blocks, we’ll create concrete action steps that get you to your goals, and along the way, you’ll learn an array of personal development tools to add to your “toolbox for life”. These tools and approaches stem from either the Core Energy Coaching Process from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching(iPEC) or from positive psychology; all of which employ scientific and psychological research from multiple different fields such as leadership development, adult learning theories, emotional intelligence, and many more.


Get ready to  create positive habits, new thought patterns, cultivate a growth mindset, set up empowering emotions, and ultimately tap into your own inner genius to manifest and achieve the life you want. 


Life coaching testimonials

“Marissa is an incredibly intuitive, pragmatic, and insightful coach. Prior to getting  coaching, I had a lot of self-doubt holding me back from launching a niche program in my business. Marissa alway asked the right questions to help me get clarity and gain a different perspective of the situation quickly. With her help, I was able to envision the opportunities and get clarity on action steps. Her positive energy and supportive aura is so refreshing as she sees the best in you and helps you recognize and appreciate your strengths and passions. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a very significant time of personal growth. Since being coached by Marissa, I have been able to achieve my business and personal  goals with more confidence and mindfulness. I highly recommend Marissa's coaching services to anyone who is looking to transform their life.”

— Bernice M.

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